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Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional Analysis
PCAS offers a nutritional label analysis service comprised of all the mandatory nutrients required for the new FDA labeling.

Please consultant with a PCAS account representative on the sample size required for the requested testing.  A complete sample submission form and signed chain of custody (COC) is required. Go to the downloads tab for access to these files.

Once samples arrive at PCAS they are immediately logged into our LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). Our experienced Food Chemists perform analyses under a rigorous quality control program using FDA, USDA and AOAC recommended methods and state of the art equipment.

PCAS performs all testing procedures in house, which allows us to control our deliverables and provide results within the quoted time frame. Test reports are issued on a 100 g basis (example below). Turn around times vary based on our clients needs. Rush services are available, please talk with your account representative.

food sample Nutritional Analysis

Cannabis Edibles Testing
PCAS is now offering analysis for cannabis edibles. With the recent approval of Cannabis in California, PCAS is now extending our food safety, shelf life, nutritional labeling and nutritional analysis expertise to the cannabis marketplace. Call and ask for a quote.

Nutrition Facts Label by Database
Nutrition facts labels can be created using FDA compliant database software when the formula of the product is well known. PCAS uses a nutritional facts label database service. Our experienced Food Scientists match the ingredients with compatible ones existing in the database.

Once all ingredient information is received it is uploaded onto the software along with their amounts in common units (e.g. grams, oz, cups, tea spoons, etc.).

In some cases, a few laboratory tests may be necessary to determine variations in caloric content due to nutrients pick-up (e.g. oil uptake during frying) and/or losses (e.g. sodium losses during boiling). If that occurs, the needs for additional testing will be communicated to the client early in the process.

The next step is to determine the legal serving size for the product. PCAS’ Food Scientists will ensure the appropriate legal serving sizes and rounding rules are used.

Finally, the nutrition facts label is created using FDA compliant database software. Additional services include ingredient and allergen statement. Rush services are available.

NUTRITIONAL LABEL Nutritional Analysis

Allergen Testing
PCAS has developed an allergen testing program which enables clients to reach peace of mind by testing products before they reach the public. Allergens tested include tree nuts (almonds), milk, peanuts, egg, soy, gluten, shellfish and fish (histidine). Additional allergens may be available please call for details.

We use a quality controlled program using FDA recommended methods and state of the art equipment. PCAS performs all testing in-house which allow us to deliver faster results at competitive rates. Turn around times are tailored to each clients needs, and rush services are available.

gluten free Nutritional Analysis

Aflatoxins are toxic carcinogenic produced by mold in improperly stored grains and nuts. These chemical toxins can also be found in processed foods derived from contaminated materials (e.g. peanut butter, cereal bars, etc). It is illegal to sell products contaminated with aflatoxins. PCAS offers testing of mold toxins including aflatoxin, fumonisin, ochratoxin, zearalenone and others. Our Food Scientists perform analyses under a rigorous quality control program using FDA and USDA recommended methods. PCAS performs all testing in house which allow us to deliver faster results at competitive rates. Rush services are available.

Pet Food Guaranteed Analysis
Pet food guaranteed analysis is a legal requirement needed to create a nutritional label for pet food products. Our services are the five AAFCO basic parameters are tested including total calories, crude protein, crude moisture, crude fiber and crude fat. Additional product testing is available, please call us to discuss your specific needs. All test reports are issued on a 100 g basis.

food img 2 Nutritional Analysis

Protein Content
Accurately assessing the level of protein is imperative to food formulators and consumers. Traditional protein content testing uses harsh chemicals and is very time consuming. PCAS uses a rapid method that delivers results in less than 3 minutes without the use of hazardous chemicals.