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Same Day Protein Analysis

PCAS has recently acquired a novel LECO protein analyzer that delivers results in less than 3 minutes. The instrument uses the Dumas method where samples are burnt in pure oxygen and protein residues are transformed into N2. Nitrogen gas is then measured by a TCD detector and converted to protein % using an applicable conversion factor, i.e. 6.25.


The technique was first introduced by the French Chemist Jean-Baptiste Dumas and has been recently automated to allow the rapid analysis of protein by methods AOAC 968.06 and 992.23. Results correlate well with the traditional Kjeldahl analysis without the need of lengthy digestions or harsh chemicals.

Samples with little or no preparation are weighed into a tin cup, sealed and then loaded into the instrument. The tin cup containing the sample is flushed with Helium to remove atmospheric nitrogen and then dropped into a furnace containing pure oxygen where they combust at 950°C. Food samples are then converted to Nitrogen oxides, H2O vapor and CO2. Combustion gases are pumped through a thermoelectric cooler to condense water and then flushed through scavenger columns where CO2 is removed. Finally, the remaining Nitrogen oxides are reduced to N2 by means of a copper catalyst and then quantitatively measured by means of a TCD detector.

The entire system is controlled by a powerful microprocessor which utilizes icon driven software and an interactive touch screen providing the perfect balance between advanced capabilities and user friendly operation.

Automatic diagnostics, data handling capabilities, curve fitting calibration, report generation, gas conservation and programmable wake up are a few of the advanced capabilities offered by the system designed to enhance laboratory efficiency and flexibility.

Results Turn Around Time and Food Matrixes:

The new protein Matrices analyzed include bakery products, grains, meats, dietary fiber, pet food, seeds, plants and processed foods.

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