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Additional Tests

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Production Line Swabbing

The monitoring of the cleanliness of surfaces becomes necessary for many domestic and industrial applications. To address this need PCAS has developed an “production line swabbing” service. The service includes the development of a program tailored to client’s needs, swabbing selected areas at the client’s facility and performing the laboratory testing for the vector of interest (e.g. Listeria sp, Salmonella spp., Heavy Metals, etc.) Find out more….

Water Potability Testing Services

Many processing areas are required to assess the potability of the water being used. For instance, water used to clean vegetables in a processing line. To address these needs, PCAS has developed a “water potability kit” containing all the necessary materials to take a sample of your water and ship it back to the laboratory. On-site sampling and pick up is also available. The analysis may includes total bacteria count, E.Coli, Metal, pesticides, TDS and more. There are several additional analysis’ available. Please call us to discuss your specific requirements.

Swab/Sponge Testing Standards & Air Sampling Standards for the Food Industry

All food handling companies and establishments should employ an environmental sampling program to monitor for food spoilage microorganisms and food poisoning pathogens. Such a program, if well designed will enable the detection of unacceptable microbial contamination in a timely manner. Sampling programs should include the collecting of samples during production on a regular basis from work surfaces in a randomized manner which will reflect the differing working conditions. In addition, samples should be taken from these sampling sites after sanitizing and from sampling sites which may serve as harbors of resident organisms.

Sampling should not only be conducted on food contact surfaces, but the evaluation of non-food contact surfaces such as conveyor belts, rollers, walls, drains and air is equally as important as there are many ways (aerosols and human intervention) in which microorganisms can migrate from non-food contact surfaces to food.

Environmental Testing Services

To support each business, PCAS offers many other non-food environmental testing services. This is some of the additional services:

* Waste Water Compliance (24hr sampling)
* Drinking Water
* Storm Water Monitoring Programs
* Hazardous Waste
* Salt Spray and Solution Analysis (NADCAP Approved)

All services are performed by our parent company, Pat-Chem Laboratories. Please click here to be directed to Pat-Chem’s web-site.