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Environmental Swabbing

The monitoring of the cleanliness of surfaces becomes necessary for many domestic and industrial applications. To address this need PCAS has developed an “environmental swabbing” service. The service includes the development of a program tailored to client’s needs, swabbing selected areas at the client’s facility and performing the laboratory testing for the vector of interest (e.g. Listeria sp, Salmonella spp., Heavy Metals, etc.).

The process starts with clients calling the laboratory to discuss their needs with our Lab Director. After the initial discussion, one of our Environmental Engineers will visit the client’s facility and collect the necessary information to develop a monitoring program addressing key concerns. After the visit, a quote is created and sent to the client for approval.

When requesting services, clients prepay for the work needed (money orders, checks or credit cards accepted). Then our Operations Manager schedules a visit to your facility. On the agreed date and time our experienced Field Technicians visit your site and perform the environmental swabbing following the plan originally designed to client’s needs. Swabs are then transported to out lab for testing.

Once the swabs arrive to PCAS they are immediately logged into our LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and forwarded to the laboratory for testing. There our experienced Environmental Scientists perform analyses under a rigorous quality control program using EPA, FDA and/or USDA recommended methods and state of the art equipment.

Results showing positive contamination are immediately communicated to the clients via telephone, FAX or e-mail. Final results are sent by e-mail along with an invoice.

Unlike other labs, PCAS performs all testing in house which allow us to deliver faster results at competitive rates. Normal turn around for results is 10 working days. Rush services are available for a fee.

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