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PCAS Labs Featured at “The Doctors” TV Show: PCAS’ Lab Director, Dr. Claudio Cardelli, was featured on the show “The Doctors” as a special guest. The interview was recorded at PCAS labs and included a discussion on the chemicals used to make artificial sweeteners. Dr. Cardelli’s interview was aired on national television at CBS. Watch the full episode here:

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PCAS Labs Pictorial Tour. We recently took some time to take some quick snapshots of our lab. We were excited to share with you who we are and what we do.

PCAS Labs Completes ISO 17025 Quality Program Upgrades:

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PCAS Labs has completed its Quality Program based on ISO 17025 standards. New processes have been implemented including the control of documents and records, corrective and preventive actions and internal audits. We have also completed the testing of blind proficiency samples. PCAS Labs is fully ISO compliant through December 2018.

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PCAS Labs Received a Certificate of Recognition from the US Congress:

PCAS received a certificate from the US Congress in recognition to the invaluable service provided to the community.

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PCAS Continues to Grow Its Internship Program :Labs internship program continues to grow strong. Every year students benefit of real world hands on training at our facility where they are exposed to basic laboratory techniques in the fields of Chemistry and Microbiology.

Interns become proficient on wet chemistry and aseptic techniques. They also gain exposure to laboratory instrumentation including scales, UV-Vis spectrophotometers, atomic absorption, ICP, HPLC, GC, ELISA techniques, etc. Products tested include water, food, soil and air to name a few.

Our partners include: California State University at Nothridge California State University Pomona California State University Los Angeles Fundación de la Universidad de la Rioja, Spain Rochester Institute of Technology University of California at Los Angeles.

PCAS Labs Featured at the “Top Secret Recipe” TV Show: PCAS’ Lab Director, Dr. Claudio Cardelli, was featured on several “Top Secret Recipe” TV shows aired at the CMTC channel where celebrity chef Todd Wilbur reverse engineered popular American foods including KFC Chicken, Outback’s Blooming Onions, Mrs. Fields Cookies and Domino’s Pizza just to name a few. See the KFC chicken episode here: