accelerated shelf-life testing

Accelerated shelf life (ASL) testing is used to “speed up” the aging process of certain foods. ASL is used for quality purposes only and has NO microbiological data since the product is being tested at a higher temperature. This type of testing is used to help a production line to maintain its quality and see how to possibly extend its shelf life. This can be an effective and reliable way to maintain quality. At PCAS we offer ASL along with “real-time” shelf life with these standards:

  1. Comprehensive lab testing procedures
  2. FDA complainant facility
  3. Humidity and temperature controlled testing environment
  4. Meticulously maintained equipment

Not all labs follow these guidelines, and even some “labs” sub out some or all of their testing to other labs which can lead to contamination, errors and inaccurate results. Make sure you are working with a lab not a company that sends out all of there testing to a variety of labs across the country.


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