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100% Accurate Food Allergen Testing In A Certified Lab. The Report will Show Your Results Provided By Our technical manager

Turnaround Time is 3-7 business days from receipt of your samples.

When people call asking for allergen testing, they are usually uncertain as to whether the ingredients they are using have allergens present. Each test determines if any known allergens are present. You will ship the product to us and we prepare your samples in a clean environment for testing.
You need to let us know which allergen for which you are testing for, as each test is a separate service. Here are the 9 most common food allergens.

  • Eggs food allergen tests
  • Fish food allergen tests
  • Milk food allergen tests
  • Nuts from trees (including hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, and brazil nuts)
  • Peanuts food allergen tests
  • Shellfish (including shrimps, mussels, and crab)
  • Soy food allergen tests
  • Wheat food allergen tests
  • Sesame

We conduct a complete analysis to detect any trace of a specified allergen (per minimum reporting limits) in our FDA compliant lab. You will receive your results showing the presents or absence of the tested allergen.

Explanation of Results
If you have further questions regarding your results we can have you talk to one of our lead chemists or you can address any issues with our food scientists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is food allergen testing necessary to confirm the presence or absence of allergens in my product?

Answer: If any of your ingredients contain allergens, you should assume that your final product will contain those some allergens. If you suspect the presence of allergens from another source, such as the manufacturing environment, you should have food allergen testing done on your final food product. This is especially true if you will be promoting the fact that your product does not have any of these allergens present.

Does the cost cover all the allergens I want to test for?

Answer: No. The food allergen test covers testing for one allergen. If you want to test for more allergens, the cost will added for each allergen. Discounts can be discussed for multiple allergen testing on one product.


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Fill out your lab information form

After we receive your payment, we’ll email you our Lab Product Information Form.
Please fill out the form and include it with your samples.

Ship your samples and form

You will need to ship 4oz of finished product to our lab.
FedEx or UPS / 1 or 2 day air
No glass containers, please.
If refrigerated, pack with cold packs.
Include your completed Lab Information Form.

We'll email your results

If you have chosen to purchase the label option, you’ll receive a lab report showing your results.
Your nutrition facts labels will be emailed to you in a file that you can download and print or incorporate them into your food label
Please allow 25 business days.