Edible Analysis

PCAS offers a nutritional label analysis on all cannabis edible products comprising all the mandatory nutrients required by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC).

Many California State Cannabis Laboratories are reaching out to PCAS to ensure their customer’s edibles are safe to consume.

PCAS can test food related edibles during the research and development phase of your products. PCAS does NOT test for THC, CBD, etc. The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) has outlined testing guidelines for edible products. Please refer to the BCC website for full details and any updates to these laws. https://www.bcc.ca.gov

Per BCC requirements, each edible product must display the following:
  • Net weight or volume of the contents of the package
  • THC and CBD content for the package in its entirety (expressed in mg per package)
  • “Cannabis-Infused” above the identity of the product in bold
The Nutritional Label must include;
  • Manufacturer and contact number or website
  • Date of product’s manufacture
  • Government Warning that the product contains cannabis
  • List of ALL product ingredients in order of predominance by weight or volume
  • Any applicable major food allergens noted
  • Any artificial food coloring must be listed as “artificial”
  • Grams for each: Sodium, Sugar, Carbohydrates and Total Fat, per serving
  • Instruction for use and any preparation necessary prior to use
  • Products expiration date in “use by” date or “best by” date
  • Marked or stamped with the universal symbol for California Cannabis Products

Editable Primary Panel PCAS

PCAS provides testing and nutritional labels for a variety of cannabis products including brownies, cookies, candy, gum, oils, lotions and body butters.

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